Individual, Team & Company-wide Reporting

With reporting options available at the learner, team, and company-wide level, each member of your organization can review progress and mastery. For the Learners can review their performance to help self-evaluation. Team managers get a roll-up of team performance, enabling team-member comparisons or assessing overall team capability. For senior business leaders or heads of talent management, company-wide reports indicate overall ability to execute company strategy.

Choose from a Variety of Reporting Types

Analyze data from different scenarios to determine themes and improve learning processes:

Scores: percentage-based reporting assessment on progress and mastery

Missed Questions: isolate the questions missed by individuals, teams or the company as a whole.

Most Challenging Learning Objectives: determine the most challenging coursework and improve learning by isolating these areas.

Unconscious Incompetence: allow learners, teams and organizations to understand where they are incompetent and why, so they can advance to the next stage of learning.

Tree of Knowledge: learners can see their stage of learning from seedling to fully developed tree, helping them recognize how far along they are or need to go to become proficient.

Reporting Dashboard & Data Export Options

View your learners’, team members’, or organization’s reporting metrics from your dashboard. Share this information via spreadsheets, data warehouses or analytical tools with Area9’s exportation options.